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NPC netCommander
Remote Power Management and RS-232 Serial Port Server Systems
The netCommander™NPC series provides secured remote power source reboot and in-band and/or out-of-band access to RS232 console ports via TCP/IP networks or local direct connection. The console ports are typically equipped on UNIX servers, switches/routers, and other network equipment. Accessing the system is password protected at Administration level or user privilege levels. Network security includes user name and password authentication for Web access or sending emails. NPC products offers the most versatile access control methods in the industry for user’s easy, quick and reliable operations.
- Remote Power control anywhere or scheduling power recycles for communication and electronic equipment.
- Control power sources or forward data for your equipment with your cellular phone or via emails when you are on the road or stuck in traffic.
- Remote access RS232 console ports for diagnoses or querying system information data.
NPC-22T Compact Network Power and RS-232 Server Management
NPC-2201Remote power switching and serial port server with AC current draw monitoring.

NPC-88T Network AC Power and Console management
NPC-8801TWith AC current monitoring.
NPC-88G2T with 30 Amps AC current load capacity.

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